Mini Turkey Pot Pies

Flaky buttermilk biscuits meet comforting, savory filling in Mini Turkey Pot Pies. They’re a perfect way to give new life to leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Thanksgiving dinner has always been one of my favorite meals. I love the hustle and bustle and jostling for space in the kitchen as one person chops vegetables for crudités, another…

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5 Tips For Crafting A Killer Food Truck Slogan

No matter the size of a business, brand recognition is a key to success. So what makes some brands recognizable? Simple, their logos and slogans. Look at McDonald’s. Not only do they have their Golden Arches but they have their “I’m loving it” slogan. Your food truck slogan is not just an important part of your […]

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Milwaukee, WI Edition: Mader’s Restaurant

Milwaukee has a significant German population, which explains the beer and German restaurants in the city. When scoping out new restaurants, there were a few German places that kept coming up, amongst them was Mader’s Restaurant.Unbeknownst to me, on S… … »

Poached Cabernet Red Pears Recipe

Always an elegant way to serve these delicious pears. Anyone that loves pears will enjoy this recipe. It has all the fall flavors and a Holiday treat here.

Poached Cabernet Red Pears Recipe

2 cups Cabernet Wine
1/4 cup sugar plus 1 tabl… … »

Jacksonville To Consider Citywide Food Truck Buffer

JACKSONVILLE, FL – More food trucks are making there way to Jacksonville, and more rules to regulate them could be coming as well. New rules proposed by the City Council could limit where the trucks can park. Currently, food trucks that do business downtown can’t be within 50 feet of a traditional restaurant. But legislation being introduced […]

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Apis Restaurant and Apiary

I think this town must be conspiring to convince me that we’ve not yet reached the pinnacle of our food scene, because I just discovered what is undoubtedly one of my top ten favorite restaurants in Austin.Okay, so technically it’s in Spicewood – which… … »

Chocolate Peppermint Pattie Cupcakes

These Chocolate Peppermint Pattie Cupcakes are bursting with flavor! A simple chocolate cake mix is turned into a luscious holiday treat. And then if that’s not enough, topped with Buttercream Peppermint Frosting and a mini Peppermint Pattie.  Nothing beats a chocolate cupcake…except maybe one with peppermint. I love the cool creamy flavors of chocolate and […] … »

Turkish Pizza

Turkish pide, often hailed as pizza, is made two ways with different fillings. Learn about the favorite street food and try this recipe no matter where you are.

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Hot off the Press ~ La Caja China Party!

Just in time for Christmas! 13 Themes 85 Recipes 160+ Photos This is it folks, my best La Caja China Cookbook to date, fully illustrated… and perfect for using the magic box to create amazing memories for every occasion!  In the box, on the grill, sides, desserts, and the perfect drinks! Get your copy now, […] … »

Fudgy Kidney Bean Brownies | Vegan

Sometimes I can’t believe that it took me nearly a full thirty years to appreciate dark chocolate. Any strong or unusual flavour can take time to acquire a taste for (like olives) but big flavours and I tend to get on pretty well. Dark chocolate on the other hand, I tried and tried and just […]

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Homemade Creamy Caramels: Holiday Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but caramel is my total weakness. You put caramel in front of me and there’s no going back. One thing I love about these Homemade Creamy Caramels is that they are seriously the creamiest caramels I’ve ever had. You know, there are some caramels out there that end up hard […] … »

Crock Pot Sticky Hoisin & Sesame Ribs

I don’t know about you but I don’t like eating things that are sticky.  Messy. Or, anything where I have to work hard on getting to the food.  Needless to say Ribs are near the top of the list of food items that fall into this category. &nbsp… … »


        We may not celebrate Thanksgiving the way the Cowboys and the Indians.. Wait.. PILGRIMS and Indians did, but who said we can’t enjoy a feast the same way? Rina and I had fun celebrating Thanksgiving at Vikings Luxury Buffet! Nothing beats celebrating gratitude with your family and friends gathered around in a grand Thanksgiving meal! All Vikings Luxury Buffet is offering their own … »

Gameday Giveaway: Baylor at TCU

This weekend’s college Gameday Giveaway is a post-Thanksgiving battle of Big XII teams: Baylor at TCU (Friday, 6:30 PM Central). To be counted, your prediction must include the winner, final score, & total yards (total yards is in case of… … »

4th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo Announcement

new-york-city-hot-sauce-expo-2016New York’s own High River Sauces proudly presents the 2016 4th Annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo on April 23rd & 24th. The NYC Expo will feature up to 50 artisanal hot sauce makers from all over the United States and as far as Canada, Mexico, Panama and New Zealand. The NYC Hot Sauce Expo has grown into an International Hot Sauce celebration. Witness the action packed event with hot sauce tastings from each vendor, eating challenges, spicy food vendors, crafts and plenty of odd ball entertainment for the whole family.

This year’s Expo’s poster artwork [to the right] was inspired by the inaugural class of the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. The members are depicted as Ghost Pepper Busters saving the world of the scariest of all peppers. From left to right are the mighty Edmund McIIhenny, Chip Hearn, Dave Hirshkop, Dave DeWitt and John Hard.

Food for The Soul: SOULFOOD Kemang

I was very excited when I learned the news that this place was about to open in Jakarta, because the name SOULFOOD somehow seems to promise a wholesome, unpretentious and delightful dining experience, oldies Indonesian style.Indonesians’… … »